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When My Favorite Cousin Turns out to be a Monster

Posted On 20 Apr, 2017 में

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I was 12,when he came to our house.He was my favorite cousin.Right from my childhood i used to love him the most.When i came to know that he is going to live with us,the joy inside me has no bounds.Even i knew mom used to take care him more than me(i also wrote this in my mini diary ) but still in year or two i started feeling that he is the brother i did’t get biologically from my parents.He used to be my prized possession.We used to eat together,play together,go to school together,study together,care for each other,because that’s what bro and sis are there for. Isn’t it?

But one day everything shattered..

That summer night was the darkest,longest,scariest night of my life.I was taking bath and all of sudden i saw a hand with a camera phone in window.That was my cousin.Yes,the most favorite one,the most loving one.I shouted and i freezed. It was like someone just suck all my blood and i am lifeless.It took me at least 15 Min to regain my consciousness and to think that what just happened.

I came out and even though i have the most understanding and supporting family in world but still i could’t tell them.He apologized that it was just a mistake and all.But could it be just a mistake?.The thing that bothers me is that he was like this the whole time. I was living with a monster,i was loving a monster.He could have hurt me more physically or mentally.

Truth came out of me finally after 8 years.I know long time naa?? Yes, i lived with this for 8 years.Face him almost every time i came to home.He used to come for rakhi (Raksha- bandhan) with his head high.And every time i was like really ?? You Will do my Raksha(Protection) ?? You deserve this?? I was weak .Don’t know why .But When i came to know he did something more worst than this to his own sister too.I spoke for the first time.My parents lost their”Just Like My son” Person from their life .But i was relaxed and feeling free and strong.

I just want to say that never do what i did.Don’t just take years to expose someone who is hurting you in any way. Don’t be afraid of such creeps.They are the weakest person on earth.Don’t let them ruin your beautiful childhood.

Even parents should also

. Talk to your child about his/her daily activities.

. Always be aware of your child’s friends,the older person he is talking to,his/her teacher(does’t matter teacher is male/female. Criminals have no gender ).

. Don’t feel shy talking about personal stuff to your kids.Its better that you are the one telling this stuff to his/her than some stranger with wrong intentions.

. Listen to them seriously if they are trying to tell you something.Stand by them if they are facing this kind of problem. Log Kya kahege ??Kisi ko mat btana,hmari hi badnami h beta ( What people would say ?,Don’t tell anyone ,It would bring disgrace) is not the solution.

. Boy or Girl ,Child is a child.it could Happen to anyone.

. Don’t over believe any one ,not even your family members. 68% child abuse cases come from family members only.

Your child’s safety is in your hands only.Be aware and make them aware.Protect them,Talk to them ,Listen to them and raise them to be strong ,beautiful and confident person.:)



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